Hate the phone? Get the T-Shirt

Via one of our readers:

“We made this just to show the world that we are not Steve Job’s slaves”

The no in phone shirt

Get one now

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6 Responses to “Hate the phone? Get the T-Shirt”

  1. Fail says:

    This is the most fucking retarded shit I have ever seen! Why don’t you people get a life and stop trolling and dicking around on the Internet! You’re just poor and jealous and can’t afford one!

  2. unfail says:

    wow, so by your own admission you troll the Internet picking on poor people and retarded people

  3. Hendrick says:

    My girlfriend got an Iphone and I wish she hadn’t. All functions are unlogical and guess who needs to figure that out; I. And I don’t mean the phone. So in my opinion its a Wephone. That’s why the t-shirt rules!

    Even my old Sony Ericsson from the last millenium is able to play mp3’s without the most annoying piece of software ever invented: Itunes. Yes this should also be Wetunes due to the unlogical way it functions.

    And with the phone comes all the annoying mac software like Quicktime for instance. And all the updates you need to install and all the unwanted processes running all the time on your computer; slowing startup and all other processes.

    But I guess you’ll need a mac to make this all better. So let’s surf to http://www.mac-sucks.com/!

  4. jj says:

    to proprietary for most to be useful. buy a android phone better by far and cheaper even the new tablets with android are far better then the ipads too. Apple just sucks over priced and proprietary software. there way or the highway type crap is not what is need in today’s times. People please stop being brainwashed into thinking this is the way to go.

  5. Your Mother says:

    Arguing about an OS on the Internet is like running in the special Olympics. Even if you win, you’re still retarded!