It costs $100 to run your own app

The iphone is the only phone we know of as of the time of writing where you have to pay the manufacturer $99 just to run software that you have written for your own phone on your phone. All other manufacturers – Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Android etc will allow you to run whatever you have written for your device on your device. Imagine having to pay Microsoft $100 to run the application you wrote on your own computer.

Ridiculous isn’t it! The iphone only offers one programming language to build what you want where smartphones allow multiple development environments using C/C++, Python, Java and so on. Another reason to avoid the iphone like a plague.

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8 Responses to “It costs $100 to run your own app”

  1. abercrombie says:

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  3. cam roulette says:

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  4. PHP Projects says:

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  5. James says:

    This is dumb, most people dont care about making their own apps. Also if they let any one and everyone make things for their phones using what ever programming language you want. It would be like every other crappy smart phone out there. I’m glad they lock it down and are strict on the iPhone. Makes it the best phone out there retards.

  6. nba says:

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  7. Ronnie says:

    I like your posts. Please start a facebook group. I will surely follow you.

    And, James, you’ve just confirmed that iPhone/Mac users are so full of themselves. I’ve looked and played at iPhone. My phone can do the same thing as iPhone. However, have you tried to play and look at other phones before putting your comment here?

  8. graciela says:

    I have a Macbook but have no interest whatsoever in owning an iPhone. My phone needs are pretty low-tech since I just use a phone for making calls. Remember phone calls on a phone? Yeah, the archaic days.

    I’ve had my phone for 6 years and I have no plans to replace it. E-waste is a real problem.