Because your favourite sites won’t work on it

If you own an iphone or the new ipad then you’re missing out on a huge list of the world’s favourite sites. From gaming to video to porn. If you’re thinking of buying an iphone think again – there are phones out there like the Android, most Nokias and Windows Mobile based phones.  Here’s some examples.

iPhone is missing all these sitesStory via [Wired] via [The Flash Blog]

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3 Responses to “Because your favourite sites won’t work on it”

  1. epgomez says:

    Ha ha. the internet in your pocket with lego blocks….In the world of apple there’s no flash… so you have to wait until they implement HTML5 in 2022??? Flash would have alos evolved by then. Maybe apple will not be around and the fanboys by then. Till then the iphone can only access text and pictures and some videos on the net…that would not be 100% internet. they have to depend on widgets…so 1 widget for, 1 widget for this website, 1 widget for this website, 1 widget for another website….. o boy 100,000 widgets on the iphone for every web site. I think it should have been just browser. Too bad.

  2. Couldn’t have said it better myself, especially the last part. Subscribing to your RSS.

  3. There aren’t enough people telling it like it is, good job. This post was a breath of fresh air.